Tuesday, July 13, 2010

RL on Facebook

Wow, 14 years ago yesterday. Though the entries here have slowed, I know the memories and inspiration so many of us are blessed with have not. Bill D. brought up Richard's just the other day in a SrCheck Spelling. Management meeting as he spoke of his ability to get things done. So true and (still) so ingrained. Anyway, time to pull this into a new arena with a much bigger population - Facebook. I suspect a lot more people will be inclined to stumble into this vs. the blog given the size, scope and network interface that comes with Facebook. In the meantime, the above is an ad we put together leading into the 1996 Olympics when we were all hyper-sensitive to the IOC's policing of those using their marks including the word "Olympics". Richard just laughed at us. "What are you guys so worried about?"

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At 7:37 AM, Anonymous Todd Huffman said...

Very cool. Doug. I totally remember that ad. If my memory serves me right, I think I wrote the copy for it. Pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Man, I miss RL and all the wisdom and tough love he rained down upon us all.

At 4:07 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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